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Utility_Standardise: Signal Transformation

File name

This module uses the process EarObject's input signal to produces a standardised signal: sum(Si) = 0, sum(Si * Si)/N = 1. The method used uses the standard deviation and mean of the signal i.e sd = sum{(x - mean)^2 / n). The standardised values, Si = (X - mean) / sd.

Example parameter file format
This module has no parameters.

Test program directory

Generic Module Routines

This module has no parameters so it does not need to be initialised, nor require any Set... functions.

The Process_Utility_Standardise(...) Process Routine

BOOLN Process_Utility_Standardise(EarObjectPtr data);

TRUE if the process is successful, otherwise it returns FALSE.

Example: Tests/Utilities/Standardise.c

Parameter file: Standardise.par:
# Main Parameter file

output.dat	Name of output file.

# Module specifications.

#Par. file		Name			Description
#---------		-----			-------------
StepFun1.par		StepFun		Stimulus generation paradigm.

# Miscellaneous parameters

10		No. of repeated runs.

Figure [164] A step function stimulus, transformed using the "Standardise" utility.

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