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The utility group consists of modules, used by the other modules, which do not have a specific category. The modules contain lightweight, stand-alone routines which do not require initialisation. They can also be included in user programs. All module file names are prefixed with, "Ut".


This module deals with the CFList data structure, which holds the data required for a list of centre frequencies (CF's) to be passed to a basilar membrane filter bank.

This module (revised from the original version by M.A. Stone, Cambridge, Sept. 1992) contains routines to handle complex numbers.

The equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB) conversion routines are based in this module. Converting Frequency: Converting frequency to and From ERB's and Erb rates.

Various filters can be found in this module, including digital gamma tone and band pass filters. These routines are called by the modules which require these filters, e.g. the PreEmphasis and BasilarM modules.

The routines in this module operate on the output signal of an EarObject, introducing ramps at the start/end of a signal as required.

This module contains a portable random number generator, and the associated routines.

Machine-independent I/O routines for IEEE floating-point numbers, implemented by Malcolm Slaney and Ken Turkowski (1991).

Machine-independent I/O routines for 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit integers, implemented by Malcolm Slaney and Ken Turkowski.

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