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Test Programs

	A series of test programs have been written for each module.  These are
referred to from respective sections in the module references below.  The
source code and parameter files for each test program can be found in under the
"Tests" directory included with LUTEar[10].  In
general the test programs check the correct operation of the module, but in the
case of the Models group test programs have been designed to reproduce known
results, most of which have been published.  Thus investigations by users can
begin from a known position.

The programs are simple to compile and run (see section Error! Reference source not found. Error! Reference source not found.)They provide, in themselves, a good starting point for many user investigations - used as a backbone -- in addition to illustrating how the CRL may be used. The main parameter file required for each test program is stored in a file with a similar name to the test program, but with the extension ".par", e.g. the "StimulusResp.c" test program reads its main parameters from the file "StimulusResp.par".

The module parameter files associated with each module are given at the end of the module section.

[10]Please note that on UNIX platforms, upper case letters are significant and 'spaces' are interpreted as the underscore ("_") character. On DOS platforms all names will be abbreviated to eight characters.

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