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Screen Output.

Starting Test Harness...
Reading parameters from file: AudPer86.par

In this test a pure tone stimulus is presented to an
auditory periphery model.
A rise time of 2.5 ms is applied to the stimulus.

Module parameters...

ReadPars_PureTone: Reading from 'PTone1.par'
Pure Tone Module Parameters:-
	Frequency = 1000 Hz,	Intensity = 20 dB SPL,
	Duration = 20 ms,	Sampling interval = 0.05 ms
ReadPars_PreEmphasis_BandPass: Reading from 'PreEmph1.par'
Preemphasis Band Pass Filter Module Parameters:-
	Upper cut-off Frequency = 8500 Hz,
	Lower cut-off Frequency = 450 Hz.
ReadPars_BasilarM_GammaT: Reading from 'GammaT1.par'
Gamma Tone Basilar Membrane Filter Module Parameters:-
	Filter No.  Frequency
	         0	      1000
	Filter order = 4.
ReadPars_IHC_Meddis86: Reading from 'Meddis86.par'
Meddis 86 Inner Hair Cell Module Parameters:-
	Permeability constant, A = 100,	and B = 6000
	Release rate, g = 2000 /s,	Replenishment rate, y = 5.05 /s
	Loss rate, l = 2500 /s,	Reprocessing rate, x = 66.31 /s
	Recovery rate, r = 6580 /s,	 Firing rate, h = 50000 spikes/s
	Maximum transmitter packets in free pool, M = 1.

Starting main process...

1-stimulus: 'Pure Tone stimulus'.
	Stimulus intensity = 20 dB SPL.
2-Outer-/middle-ear: 'Pre-emphasis (middle and outer ear) filter'.
3-Basilar membrane: 'Gamma tone basilar membrane filtering'.
4-Inner hair cell (IHC): 'Meddis 86 hair cell'.
Output sent to file 'output.dat'.
Finished test.

The output diagnostics for this example program has similar features to the output diagnostics produced by the generic programming example. As the modules used are intrinsic to the program, and cannot be changed via the parameter file, they are not listed at the beginning of the diagnostic output. The module parameters listed are the same as for the generic program, however the main process shows that only four, rather than five processes have been performed. See below for further explanation of the differences.

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