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Screen Output.

Starting Test Harness...
Reading parameters from file: AudPerGen.par

In this test a 'PureTone' stimulus is presented to an
auditory periphery model.
If necessary, a rise time of 2.5 ms is applied to the stimulus.
The model process contains the following modules:

	Stimulus generation:	PureTone
	Outer-/middle-ear:	PreEmphasis_BandPass
	Basilar membrane:	BasilarM_GammaT
	IHC receptor pot.:	null
	Inner hair cell (IHC):	IHC_Meddis86

Module parameters...

ReadPars_PureTone: Reading from 'PTone1.par'
Pure Tone Module Parameters:-
	Frequency = 1000 Hz,	Intensity = 20 dB SPL,
	Duration = 20 ms,	Sampling interval = 0.05 ms
ReadPars_PreEmphasis_BandPass: Reading from 'PreEmph1.par'
Preemphasis Band Pass Filter Module Parameters:-
	Upper cut-off Frequency = 8500 Hz,
	Lower cut-off Frequency = 450 Hz.
ReadPars_BasilarM_GammaT: Reading from 'GammaT1.par'
Gamma Tone Basilar Membrane Filter Module Parameters:-
	Filter No.  Frequency
	         0	      1000
	Filter order = 4.
ReadPars_IHC_Meddis86: Reading from 'z'
Meddis 86 Inner Hair Cell Module Parameters:-
	Permeability constant, A = 100,	and B = 6000
	Release rate, g = 2000 /s,	Replenishment rate, y = 5.05 /s
	Loss rate, l = 2500 /s,	Reprocessing rate, x = 66.31 /s
	Recovery rate, r = 6580 /s,	 Firing rate, h = 50000 spikes/s
	Maximum transmitter packets in free pool, M = 1.

Starting main process...

1-stimulus: 'Pure Tone stimulus'.
	AudPerGen: Stimulus has been ramped.
	Stimulus intensity = 20 dB SPL.
2-Outer-/middle-ear: 'Pre-emphasis (middle and outer ear) filter'.
3-Basilar membrane: 'Stone4 Basilar Membrane Filtering'.
4-IHC Receptor potential: 'Null process module'.
5-Inner hair cell (IHC): 'Meddis 86 hair cell'.
Output sent to file 'output.dat'.
Finished test.

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