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Reseting process and Labels

The simulation specification exmple shown in figure [29] will work fine, as long as it is only run once. This is beacuse the "Analysis_Histogram" module continues to accumulate data on any successive runs, because it is not being reset at any point. The histogram process can be reset, (outside of the loop) using the "reset" command and by assigning the process line a label. An example of this is given in figure [30].

# A simple simulation specification

begin {

PureTone < PTone1.par # Stimulus module

PreEmphasis_BandPass < PreEmph1.par

BasilarM_GammaT < GammaT1k.par

IHC_Meddis86 < Meddis96.par

reset hi

repear 60 {

ANSpikeGen_Simple < SpikeGen1.par

hi% Analysis_Histogram < PSTHHist1.par



Figure [30] Example 3

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