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Main Installation

The CRL-2.0.9 installation on a PC platform requires unpacking the compressed archive, then using the DOS "make" utility to compile the binary library file, "CRL208/LIBRARY.LIB". The installation has been configured for working in a Borland C/C++ integrated development environment.

Please note that all file names will have been truncated to eight characters in length. This will not produce any ill effects in the use of the CRL as all names are unique up to eight characters. The header file names will also be automatically truncated to eight characters when the test programs are compiled.

To install the CRL-2.0.9 follow the sequence of steps given below, starting from the DOS prompt:

(I) In your "autoexec.bat" put the line (as appropriate for your installation):


for now this command can be issued at the command prompt.

(ii) Create the directory "LUTEAR", then "CD" into the new directory, e.g.



(iii) Unpack the compressed archive with the command


This command assumes that the compressed archive is on the disk in drive A. The "-D" option re-creates the correct directory structure as shown by the CRL directory map (see manual section, "What is Contained in this Release.)

(iv) Move to the "CRL209/SRC" directory and give the command

"make -f makefile.b32"

This will compile the source code for the CRL and create the "LIB/crl.lib" binary library file which will be linked with programs. This need only be done once.

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