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Main Installation

Installation of CRL-2.0.9 on a Macintosh involves unpacking the compressed archive and setting up the system to the project development environment for THINK C 7.0. The following step sequence can be used to install CRL-2.0.8 :

(i) Unpack the compressed archive by double-clicking on the file lutear209.sea.

(ii) Move the "LUTEar CRL 2.0.9 " folder into the folder, "THINK C 5.0 Folder". This ensures that when looking for header file references the CRL-2.0.8 header files can be found.

(iii) Compile all the "CRL_..." projects located in the "LUTEar CRL 2.0.9 " folder - choose the "Bring up to date" option from the "Project" menu in THINK C. This need only be done once for each library.

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