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Installing with Graphics Support

The CRL-2.0.9 library contains code which generates signal displays as described in later sections. On UNIX platforms the graphics support installation is designed using the Xt port of WxWin. This is because all platforms which run X-Windows will always have the libraries required by the Xt port. WxWin also supports "Motif" or "Xview" libraries, but these libraries are not always present (and Motif is a commercial library for which a license must be paid).

To compile the CRL library with graphics support the following steps are required: (1) Obtain and install the Xt Port of WxWin. This is available from the web site:

(2) Set the environment variables WXWININC and WXWINLIB to the directories specified by the WxWin installation (see the ?? file for this information), e.g. "setenv WXWININC /usr/local/include/wx" and "setenv WXWINLIB /usr/local/lib/wx".

(3) Install the CRL library as described above, following the instructions in the "INSTALL" file, but when running the configure script include the enable graphcs library option, i.e. "./configure -enable-library=graphics".

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