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Installation Overview

This section provides a general explanation of the installation requirements for use of the CRL. More detailed accounts for specific platforms are given below.

To ensure that using the CRL is as simple as possible, each module is compiled and linked together into a single binary library. Programs can then be compiled and linked to this library as required[1]. (As the source files are available it is also possible to link individual modules to programs, however, this requires a little more effort.)

When compiling programs the compiler must know where to find

(i) the CRL header files;

(ii) the CRL binary library.

In the THINK C integrated development environment, this is achieved by placing the "LUTEar CRL 2.0.8 " folder, containing the binary library and the header files, into the folder called "THINK C 5.0 Folder". On the UNIX platform, this is achieved by using special options when calling the compiler. This is done using a shell script file which is created by the configuration script provided with this release.

Installation will require the receiving system to have at least 1800 Kb of free space in which to unpack this release. This does not include the space required for the compressed archive itself.

[1]The Macintosh platform has the CRL libraries separated into the respective module groups. This is due to the 32 kb restriction for each segment of a project.

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