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Analysis Utilities

These modules contain routines which calculate various analysis functions. Like the Utilities module (of which it used to be a member) all the modules contain lightweight, stand-alone routines which do not require initialisation. They can also be included in user programs. All module file names are prefixed with, "An".


This module is a collection of analysis routines which are commonly used in experimental analysis, e.g. Post stimulus time histograms (PSTH), Period histograms (PH), Auto-correlation functions (ACF), etc. Most of these routines work on EarObjects, though a few work on SignalData structures, or expect to be passed a function which describes a collection of models.

This module contains fourier analysis routines. They are based on the FFT algorithm, using pointers.

This module contains routines which calculate general analysis functions, e.g. Intensity, averages, finding signal peaks/minima. Most of these work directly on SignalData structures, but the few major routines, work on EarObjects.

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