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This routine calculates the synchronisation index (vector strength) from the process EarObject's input signal. It expects its input to come from a period histogram (see section Analysis_Histogram: page 73). The results are set the first sample of the output signal for each respective channel.

This function indicates the ability of a system to follow the periodicity of a stimulus. (see Hewitt and Meddis ??)

Example parameter file format
This module has no parameters

Test program directory

Generic Module Routines

This module has the standard Generic Module Routines (see Basic Module Routines used in Generic Programming, page 52).

The Calc_Analysis_SynchIndex(...) Process Routine

BOOLN Calc_Analysis_SynchIndex(EarObjectPtr data);

TRUE if the process is successful, otherwise it returns FALSE.

Example: Tests/Analysis/SynchIndex.c

Parameter file: SynchIndex.par:
# Main Parameter file

# Module specifications.

#Par. file			Name			Description
#---------			-----			-------------
AMPTone1.par			PureTone_AM		Stimulus generation paradigm.

# Miscellaneous parameters

1000		Stimulus frequency (Hz)
0.05e-3	Period histogram binwidth (s).
0.0		Period histogram offset (s).

Figure [48] Output for synchronisation index test.

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