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This function calculates the modulus of the Fourier transformation of a real data set. The routine generates the modulus of the process EarObject's input signal. It puts the result in the output signal, overwriting any previous data if the signal has already been initialised. It also changes the sampling interval, dt field, of the output signal to the approriate frequency interval.

Example parameter file format
This module has no parameters

Test program directory

Generic Module Routines

This module has the standard Generic Module Routines (Basic Module Routines used in Generic Programming, page 52).

The Calc_Analysis_ModulusFT(...) Process Routine

BOOLN Calc_Analysis_ModulusFT(EarObjectPtr data);

TRUE if the process is successful, otherwise it returns FALSE.

Example: Tests/Analysis/ModulusFT.c

Parameter file: ModulusFT.par:
# Main Parameter file
output.dat		Name of first output file.

# Module specifications.

#Par. file		Name		Description
#---------		-----		-------------
MPTone1.par		PureTone_Multi	Stimulus generation paradigm.
PreEmph1.par		null		Outer-/middler-ear filter model.
GammaTu2.par		null		basilar membrane filter model.
RPModuleIV.par	null		IHC receptor potential model.
Meddis86.par		null		Inner hair cell (IHC) model.
SpikeGen1.par		null		Auditory nerve spike generation.
Dendrite1.par		null		Dendritic filtering.
MGFusiform.par	null		Neural cell model.

# Miscellaneous parameters

2.5e-3		Ramp up rise time for signal (s).

Figure [47] Output for |FT| (Modulus) test.

This analysis module is used for the analysis of the frequency components in a waveform.

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