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Faculty Research Interests

Current Faculty | Emeritus Faculty | Affiliate Faculty

Current Faculty
Neural basis of cognition
Mechanisms of modulation of voltage-dependent gating in ion channels
Molecular mechanisms that underlie neuronal exocytosis
K channel functions in the mammalian nervous system
Structure/function relationship in neurotransmitter receptors
Physiology of inner ear hair cells
Neural basis of vision and visually guided behavior
Biophysical studies of neuronal signaling
Mechanisms of inhibitory synaptic transmission
Regulation of energy balance and the processes of again
Neurochemistry of synaptic transmission in brain slices
Function of Synapses and Neural Circuits
Heart and skeletal muscle physiology
Cellular basis for the processing of acoustic information in mammalian cochlear nuclei
Molecular mechanisms of ion channel function
Molecular mechanisms underlying Ca2+ homeostasis of cardiac and skeletal muscle cells
Neural mechanisms of sound localization
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate neural stem cells and neurodevelopment
Cellular and synaptic mechanisms underlying locomotor-like rhythms in the mammalian spinal cord
Emeritus Faculty
E. Edward Bittar  
John Brugge Studies of the mammalian auditory system
C. Daniel Geisler  
Neurohumoral control of the respiratory network
Neural basis of attention: Role of corticothalamic pathways and thalamic reticular nucleus in attention mechanisms
Information processing in the auditory system
Affiliate Faculty
David Abbott Modulation of neuroendocrine function by social status in female primates
Matthew Banks GABAA receptors and the dynamics of cortical inhibitory circuits
Jerome Dempsey Respiratory physiology: Neuromechanical regulation of breathing during sleep and exercise
Timothy Gomez Regulation of axon guidance and cytoskeletal dynamics by intracellular signaling
Craig January Basic mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias
Timothy Kamp Cardiac L-type Ca2+ channels in physiology and pathophysiology
Jonathan Makielski Role of ion channels in cardiovascular disease
Gordon Mitchell Mechanisms of neuroplasticity, specifically in the respiratory motor control system
Robert Pearce GABAA-mediated synaptic inhbition in the hippocampus
Kurt Saupe Myocardial metabolism and how it is affected by age, disease and exercise
Dandan Sun Regulation and function of Na+-K+-Cl- cotransporter protein in the CNS

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